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TERMS AND CONDITIONS Among the undersigned namely, on one side: tradingwaves.co, and who for the purposes of this contract hereafter will be called tradingwaves.co and / or The buyer-; On the other hand, there is the natural and / or legal person who is linked through this document and who finds full identification in their respective affiliation and who for the purposes of this Contract will be called Independent Seller. The present relationship is strictly Commercial and is governed by the Mercantile and Civil Legal Framework of each country, and regulated under the Civil and Commercial Laws that deal with the commercial activities of multilevel systems or marketing in all countries. There is no employment link between tradingwaves.co and the Independent Vendor, as this does not oblige the Independent Vendor to comply with a work schedule; The Independent Vendor does not receive direct orders from tradingwaves.co (in any of its countries) to carry out certain functions, the Independent Vendor is not his subordinate and does not receive a fixed remuneration that can be similar to the payment of a salary. In order to celebrate this Contract, the parties state that they exercise it freely, spontaneously and voluntarily, thus stipulating the following: CLAUSES: FIRST. Purpose of the contract. The purpose of this Contract is to develop activities for the commercialization of virtual (digital) and / or physical products through the direct, network or multilevel marketing system, where the Independent Seller will use the platforms owned by the company tradingwaves.co SECOND. Rights of the Independent Vendor. The following are the Rights of the Seller in addition to those conferred by the Law; a) Have a virtual office to monitor your network; b) To receive the payment of the commissions to which they have a right in a timely manner. Paragraph. As long as the member's account is not suspended. c) To receive all the benefits contemplated in the compensation plan. THIRD. Obligations and Prohibitions of the Independent Vendor. The obligations of the Independent Vendor are: a) To pay the cost of the purchase of the service or product in a timely manner and in the stipulated manner. b) Be trained on a permanent basis in the updates that arise from the business. c) Permanently support those people who are part of its network. Paragraph. They are called people part of the network, all those people that the Independent Vendor, link at their own risk under their code, as a direct client or network multilevel, in the understanding that tradingwaves.co presumes the Good Faith of each of its affiliates and / or affiliates and those who become Independent Vendors. d) Not to use the name tradingwaves.co, improperly, mistreating, abusing, stailing, slandering and / or insulting the good name of the company. Paragraph: In case of this situation, the firm tradingwaves.co will immediately suspend the member and this will lose the fees generated at the time of suspension. To obtain the activation again, after being suspended for this reason will be done directly with the legal area of ​​the company through [email protected], e) The Independent Seller MUST NOT use the name of tradingwaves.co, to market no other product that does not belong to the company or their own in an improper manner. f) To keep the minimum standards of respect, harmony, ethics and professionalism with tradingwaves.co, with its affiliates - Independent vendors, with the other affiliates and / or Independent Vendors who do not belong to its network and with all those collaborators and / or work team that are part of tradingwaves.co, g) It is the obligation of the Independent Vendor, to process in due form any claim and / or controversy that may arise, through the channels provided for it. (The following are communication channels due: Mail or Email: [email protected]). And other channels of communication or contact that the company has at this time or in the future in our means of communication and disclosure of our business. h) Must have moral and legal capacity to hire, must be a person of legal age. All under the application of the principles of good personal and commercial customs. Paragraph: tradingwaves.co, is not obliged to respond to communications that are sent to the company in a disrespectful, undue and / or foul language. i) It is the obligation of the Independent Vendor to provide tradingwaves.co with all the required documentation and information in a timely and truthful manner at the time of affiliation, so that both tradingwaves.co and the Independent Vendor can comply with their Commercial, Legal, and Tax obligations. Taxes Paragraph: tradingwaves.co will boast of Buena Faith on the information, capacity, Age of Majority and documentation provided and provided by the Independent Vendor, for this reason will not be responsible for the falsehoods that the Independent Vendor will provide. j) It is the obligation of the Independent Vendor, to gather the bank account information in his name and not in the name of third parties. You must send all the information that tradingwaves.co requires for the payment of your bonuses and / or commissions. Paragraph: The commercial firm tradingwaves.co will not be constituted in default, when it can not make the payments for bonuses or commissions to which the Independent Vendor is entitled, due to his omission in the delivery of the opportune information of his account and other data required by tradingwaves.co. All the information and documentation provided at the time of enrollment or within a period not exceeding 5 calendar days is understood to be timely. They are Prohibitions of the Independent Vendor: a). Use the intellectual and industrial property of tradingwaves.co in any of its forms, whether on trademarks, logos, names and trademarks, invention patents and any other industrial and intellectual property without the respective authorization. Paragraph: If the Independent Vendor, commits any of the prohibitions and / or fails in any of his obligations, his account will be suspended immediately and will carry the corresponding penalties. To process it will do so with the areas in charge and in special cases will manage directly with the Legal Area at [email protected] FOURTH. Confidentiality clause. The Independent Vendor must keep this Clause as follows: a) He must keep in strict confidentiality all those documents and information that under this modality have been conferred. b) You can not use the Confidential information, for your personal benefit or that of third parties. c) You will not be able to negotiate, trade, commercialize, disclose, announce verbally, in writing, or in any type of social networks, information that has been entrusted to you as Confidential. d) Confidential information will also be understood as those that are labeled, named, labeled or designated as Business Secrets. e) In order to announce some type of information, you must previously request and in writing authorization for any publication related to the subject of the contract. f) All technical development, technology, invention, adaptation, versions and improvements (among others) that are made of the original product by the Independent Seller and / or any person without prior authorization of tradingwaves.co, shall be the property of tradingwaves.co biz Paragraph: Failure to comply with this clause is governed by Articles 308 of Law 599 of 2000, Law 256 of 1996; Decision 486 of the CAN. Non-compliance will immediately result in civil and / or criminal lawsuits, as the case may be, in accordance with the Legislation of each country. FIFTH Obligations of tradingwaves.co. The obligations of tradingwaves.co are: a) Fast and timely advance the respective registers according to the legal frameworks. b) Provide services and / or products offered to Independent Vendors: application for Smartphone (android); online virtual office; c) Maintain their communication channels ready to serve Independent Salespeople. d) Open the necessary channels so that the Independent Vendors have the opportunity to present their complaints, requests and / or complaints. e) Give a clear and precise response to complaints, petitions and claims filed by the independent Seller and its affiliates, in the manner and time prescribed by law. f) Provide the appropriate tools to Independent Vendors for the optimum development of its network marketing activity. SIXTH. Rights of tradingwaves.co. Are Rights of tradingwaves.co a) Receive truthful and timely information from the Independent Vendor. b) To which all complaints, petitions and claims are sent by the channels provided in this document in a respectful manner. c) To what is respected your intellectual property, inventions, products, creations and others, so that they are not used in an improper way or without your authorization. d) To respect your GOOD BUSINESS NAME. e) That before a Legal dispute, they resort to the mechanisms indicated in this document. f) To respect their bonus plans, payments, dates and compensation programs established in the tradingwaves.co program as it is a general and non-specific design for each Individual Independent Vendor. Paragraph: The Independent Vendor can not request to be adjusted to his particular need, since this harms the entire network of Independent Vendors. Paragraph: The Networks are IMMODIABLE, in case the Independent Vendor carries out an undue affiliation This will be the one who assumes his error and not the company. Under no circumstances may the networks be modified. SEVENTH. Type of compensation plan that will govern the relationship between the parties: The Independent Vendor declares before accepting this contract that it knows our compensation plan presented and explained previously by an independent vendor. If you need assistance, you can request the compensation plan at [email protected] Paragraph: Within the payment plan that tradingwaves.co makes to the Independent Vendor, tradingwaves.co will apply the net value to cancel any taxes that may arise, this of conformity and in accordance with the policies, norms and laws established in the corresponding country (provided that the corresponding country is the state from which the Independent Vendor has its bank account and it is presumed that this is the same as the corresponding one to your home). EIGHTH. Requirements for payment. To make the payment of earned commissions effective, the Independent Seller must send a simple photocopy or scanner of their tax registration document that corresponds to the country where the network is developed (if required by the Law of said country), a simple copy or scanner of their respective identification document and the information of the personal bank account to which the company must make the consignment or the respective deposits for payment of the bonds described in this contract, or their respective cryptocurrency wallet. The independent seller accepts that in the event of not sending the tax document required by the tax authority of his country to send his payment, tradingwaves.co can not send his payment Paragraph 1. It is not recorded in favor of third parties. In this way tradingwaves.co will manage your respective commission request. NINTH. Form and periodicity of payment. to). -The bonds will be paid in Purchase Bonus and / or in BTC, LTC (or the one determined at the time by tradingwaves.co.The value of the payment will correspond to the one generated by your commissions, does not include taxes and others, which will be retained by the company according to what is established by the Fiscal Laws of the country of residence of the affiliate b). - They will be deposited in the Electronic Wallet previously linked by the Independent Vendor. c) - These payments will be reflected immediately in the virtual office of the Independent Vendor. Paragraph 1: tradingwaves.co will not assume the costs generated by the respective Banking entities of each country, or by the companies that own the wallets; the value will be consigned or deposited in the Wallet previously linked by the Independent Vendor. The amount will be for the net value generated by the bonds to which the Independent Vendor is entitled. Paragraph 2: tradingwaves.co will NOT assume additional payments on account of collections, withholdings, drafts, collections, payments from other places, taxes, balances, transfers and others generated by the banks on the occasion of their own financial policies and those of each country . d). -It is the duty of the Independent Seller to inquire about the conditions and restrictions applicable to their bank account and / or virtual wallet. Paragraph 3: tradingwaves.co is respectful of the banking and financial policies of each country and will not enter on behalf of third parties to discuss, much less make claims on behalf of its Independent Vendors for the conditions and policies of bank management of their accounts. For this reason, in this Contract, it is clear that IT IS THE INDEPENDENT SELLER'S DUTY TO BE PROPERLY INFORMED OF THE CONDITIONS AND RESTRICTIONS OF HIS BANK ORGANIZATION and / or VIRTUAL BILLSWITCH. and). -The payments will be made according to the schedule previously explained by your independent vendor. f) .- The Independent Seller agrees to be aware of these conversions and payment methods of the company. g). -To have the right to charge commissions in a certain period, the Seller must be active at the cutoff date thereof. h). -The Independent vendor must pay the maintenance fee for his own tradingwaves.co app on the exact date corresponding to the day he joined tradingwaves.co i). - Not making the payment on said date will be subject to these 3 considerations: 1). -Your membership will remain with expired status, and therefore you will stop receiving the commissions that are generated within your network for the purchases of your personal and indirect guests from the moment of expiration of your membership and until you make the payment of the same. In this tenor, if the time comes to make the following biweekly closing the affiliate still remains with expired status, will lose the commissions generated in the previous fortnight, even those that generated before the expiration of their monthly payment, since they are part of the period in which he should to be active to collect them. 2) .- The commissions generated in other periods prior to the period that stopped paying will remain frozen and will not lose them, but they will not be available until they are activated again. Paragraph 5: After 90 days of inactivity, the provisions of Clause Twelfth Paragraph 1 will be applied. 3) Your tradingwaves.co app will be inactive, and you will not have access to its editing panel. TENTH. Causes and Forms of Termination. The present contract (and the affiliate account it covers) will be terminated in the following ways: a) By common agreement of the parties b) Unilaterally by the Independent Seller by writing to tradingwaves.co c) It will be completed unilateral form when the Independent Vendor presents inappropriate behaviors or actions, slander, insults that cause detriment or harm to the humanity of other Independent Vendors and / or against his good name and that of tradingwaves.co and for acts of unfair competition. d). - For lack of written and / or verbal statement by the member at the close of the previous fiscal year of wishing to remain in the business in the New Fiscal Year. The Fiscal Year is understood as the Period from January 1 to December 31 in any calendar year. and). - Inactivity on the part of the member in the 3 months prior to the close of the previous fiscal year, in accordance with the provisions of Clause Eleven. f) Judicial order and g). -For Liquidation of the company. ELEVENTH. Suspension of the Account. The account of the Independent Vendor will be suspended indefinitely for the following conditions: a) For providing unreal and / or false information in a premeditated manner. b) For inactivity of more than 90 days of the account acquired with tradingwaves.co, by the Independent Vendor. c) For proceeding irregularly and unethically against the company. d) For defamation. e) For injury or physical, verbal aggression, written against tradingwaves.co and / or its administrative staff and affiliates, be exercised directly and / or by any means of communication and / or social network against. Paragraph: And for the others that are allowed by the Law and by those described within the body of this document. Affiliates whose accounts have been definitively terminated will lose all economic benefits and the entire affiliate network that is linked to that account. In the case of Final Account Termination, the person can not request a new account in the following 12 months. TWELFTH. Activation of the Suspended Account. To Activate the account of tradingwaves.co once suspended the Independent Seller shall; a) Make the request to the Customer service area at [email protected] b). -Update the data with the documents and information required by our Customer service area. c) In case of being suspended due to inactivity, you must cancel the value corresponding to 30% of the value of the membership on the date of activation. Paragraph 1: The Independent Vendor will lose the right he has on his commissions for inactivity greater than 90 days. Paragraph 2: each year they must pay a renewal to their membership / membership, and may enter into Definitive Termination according to what is established in Clause Tenth paragraph e and f. THIRTEENTH. In the event of a dispute arising between the parties, these must be resolved before an Arbitration Court under the terms of the Law before initiating any type of Judicial Dispute action. FOURTEEN. ANTI WASHING MONEY POLICY. In support of strengthening the actions in the field of Prevention and Detection of Operations with Resources of Illegal Origin and based on the legal provisions, the company tradingwaves.co, is qualified to request the support of the clients for the integration of their Identification File, this in order to prevent any commercial operation regardless of the type of monetary instrument used whenever there is any suspicion related to the origin of the same whether Money laundering or any other activity punished by the authorities in each country. According to the characteristics of the clients, the company tradingwaves.co. has the power to evade any suspicious operation without becoming worthy of any type of sanction or compensation. This same Anti Money Laundering policy applies to all countries where tradingwaves.co has commercial operations, whether or not it is located locally in said territory. Paragraph: tradingwaves.co ,, presumes of GOOD FAITH, that the monies used by our affiliates for the exercise of our activated PROVIENEN DE ACTIVITIES LÍCITAS. FIFTEEN FIFTH. PRIVACY POLICY. In strict compliance with those established by the Internal Laws
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